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today was nuts. protesting during lunch and it turned into a riot. people were yelling and cursing. also throwing shit. haha i throw jello at the kid i despise. fuck him. he deserved it. but yeah supposedly he wants to hit me. ohh well. black eyes dont last. thats if he can catch me cause before he couldnt. i hauled ass to the nurse's house and he didnt see me turn the corner. i wont tell on the other kids who did it with me. im not a snitch. i thought i had work today so i got all ready and went to work and clocked in and looked at the schedule to see what time i get done. and i wasnt on schedule lol. i was like ohh well. haha. everyone including me was laughing. and they were like if i was you id be pissed. i just laughed. i didnt care. i'll see what happens tomorrow. if i even go.
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